Rich Peverley hopes to play next season as Stars' cowboy hat placed in locker room stall

Apr 29, 5:25 PM

The Dallas Stars have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs and are already looking towards the 2014-15 season. One of the big questions is whether 31-year-old Rich Peverley will be back in the mix after collapsing on the bench due to a heart issue back on March 11.

"There are a lot of unknowns still,” Peverley told the Dallas News. “I’m optimistic…We’ll have to wait and see. I’m literally taking it day to day. The first main thing is I’m going to have to do testing with getting my heart rate up, and then we’ll go from there,” he said. “I’m not sure when that will be, but that will be the first thing.”

Tyler Seguin has played with Peverley throughout the course of his four-year career, and certainly hopes to see him back on the ice with the Stars.

“It’d be amazing,” Seguin said. “Obviously, it’s something that will always be hard for me to talk about. He’s been my stall mate for four years and to see what I saw. He’s a guy that works really hard away from the rink, I can see him coming back but obviously I don’t know what will happen.”

Speaking of Peverley's stall, the cowboy hat that was handed out to the top performer in each game this season has been placed there, in the hopes that he will be able to earn it once again.

Sept 14, 8:17 PM

Report: Status of Stars' Peverley still in question ahead of training camp

Sept 14, 8:17 PM

As excitement builds in regards to a revamped Dallas Stars roster, Rich Peverley's status for the upcoming season remains in question. 

Peverley underwent heart surgery back in March, and according to Mike Heika of the Dallas News, the 32-year-old forward is "working out off-ice, but there is no schedule for him to get tested right now for a possible return to play."

Heika continued:

He's definitely invited (to training camp), he's under contract to the team. But the team and Peverley and the doctors and the trainers and everyone else have to come to an agreement that Peverley is cleared for competition. He will continue to work out, I believe, until he is cleared or until the season is over or until he decides to stop. It is a day to day process, where he has to determine how his body responds to an increased heart rate and then to the physical demands of practice and then to the physical demands of actually returning to a game. It could take a while.

The added depth up front would be a boon for the Stars, but certainly all involved are making Peverley's long-term health a higher priority.

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July 12, 9:00 AM

Stars' Peverley on surgery: 'It was successful and I'm still doing well'

July 12, 9:00 AM

It was March 10th when the Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets suspended their game during the first period when Stars forward Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench.

While Peverley was shuffled away to hospital, a dark cloud loomed over the NHL.

Peverley's heart stopped and he was rushed into care at a local hospital before undergoing a procedure to correct an irregular heartbeat.

He told Friday:

They essentially burn out new electrical pathways for your heart. It was to correct the a-fibrillation and the a-flutter that I had. It was successful and I'm still doing well. I haven't had any heart arrhythmia since then; so far it's been a success.

Peverley is looking to return to the NHL next season, though his health will be the first concern of the Stars going forward. He was cleared to begin exercising by doctors, but has not been cleared to resume NHL play.

He explained, "I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen, but I'm hoping to play and it's got to be under the right circumstances. So we'll wait and see and hopefully I can."

His next step is to begin testing his heart out, "My next step will probably be getting off medication that I'm on to control my heartbeat still."

Peverley continued, "Once I'm off of that we'll see what happens in terms of how my heart reacts to no medication and see what happens when it's stressed."

It's hard to say whether Peverley will be able to return to the NHL, but he's thankful to his support system either way his career goes. 

"I think I'm lucky to be here and you definitely don't take very many things for granted."

June 19, 8:47 AM

Stars' Peverley on potential return to NHL: 'I have a long way to go'

June 19, 8:47 AM

Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley is back in Canada for the summer and is working hard in an attempt to return to the NHL after undergoing heart surgery in March, but admits he's unsure whether he'll be able to play professional hockey again.

“It’s a process, and there are a lot of steps,” Peverley told Mike Heika of the Dallas News. “I’m trying to take the steps one at a time and just see what happens. If I can play, that will be great. If I can’t, then I’ll deal with that at that time ... I’ve been able to do more and use my upper body, so I definitely feel like I’m making progress. But it’s just the start. I have a long way to go."

Peverley is set to present the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy at the NHL Awards on June 24, awarded to the player who best exemplifies the characteristics of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey. 

“I think the fact that Bill Masterton was a member of the North Stars and the Stars organization, I do like the fact that I get to help represent that history for the team,” he said. “And I like the award and what it stands for, and I think that knowing the stories of the nominees and presenting the trophy to the winner, that could be motivation for me to come back, if coming back is possible.”

May 23, 4:49 PM

Report: Stars' Peverley cleared by one doctor to play next season

May 23, 4:49 PM

It appears as though Rich Peverley may be taking steps towards resuming his NHL career in 2014-15.

As he said earlier in the offseason, Peverley is taking things "day-to-day" after undergoing heart surgery back in March; despite the procedure, there will always be a certain amount of risk involved, and the 31-year-old will undoubtedly seek multiple opinions and convene with his family in regards to the right course of action moving forward.

Still, it's an encouraging sign, and the Stars would certainly benefit from his continued presence on the team.

Apr 13, 1:33 PM

Stars' Rich Peverley shoots on goalies at practice

Apr 13, 1:33 PM

Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley is on his way to recovery as he took to the ice Sunday morning.

Peverley has been shut down for the season by the Stars after collapsing on the bench March 10 against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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Mar 31, 10:18 AM

Stars' Rich Peverley nominated for Masterton Trophy

Mar 31, 10:18 AM

Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley has been nominated for the 2013-14 Bill Masterton Trophy, according to the team's official website

The trophy is awarded annually "to the National Hockey League player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to hockey."

On March 10, the 31-year old collapsed on the Stars bench after suffering a cardiac episode. He underwent season-ending heart surgery, and has said he hopes to resume his career at some point in the future, a feat that he believes would make him truly worthy of the nomination.

“In terms of being nominated. I don’t want to have attention for something that happened that isn’t good,” Peverley told the Dallas News. “I think there are so many people who have gone through extremely hard situations and come back, and those are the people who should get the attention. If I come back, maybe I’ll deserve it, but I don’t want to have all of this attention because something bad happened to me.”

Peverley, undrafted, has appeared in 442 career games as a member of the Nashville Predators, Atlanta Thrashers and the Stars, scoring 84 goals and adding 157 assists.

Mar 28, 7:20 PM

Rich Peverley following heart surgery: 'My goal would be to come back'

Mar 28, 7:20 PM

Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley addressed the media prior to Friday's game against the Nashville Predators, as he and his doctor updated his status in light of recent heart surgery.

Peverley said "I feel great," adding "I recall everything pretty much now that I go back and had time to think about it." 

Peverley also said "I feel lucky for the care and support I received" before his doctor offered the following update.

In terms of his future, Peverley appears intent on resuming his professional hockey career, but won't take the decision lightly.

Finally, Peverley said he "feels lucky to have received support from athletes across the NHL," and of course his Stars teammates.

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Mar 19, 3:24 PM

Stars' Rich Peverley undergoes successful heart surgery

Mar 19, 3:24 PM

Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill updated the status of forward Rich Peverley on Wednesday with the following statement on the team's official website.

Rich Peverley underwent successful surgery to correct an abnormal heart rhythm at the Cleveland Clinic on Tuesday, March 18. He is currently in normal sinus rhythm. He was released from the Cleveland Clinic today and is expected to return to Dallas tomorrow. He will be monitored closely and may require further treatment. There is no decision being made at this time on his ability to return to hockey participation.

The 31-year-old has already been ruled out of action for the remainder of the season, and the future of his professional hockey career remains up in the air as well, as alluded to at the end of Nill's statement.

See below for further details on Peverley's heart condition.

Mar 13, 2:21 PM

Peverley's visit to practice 'put a smile on' teammate Alex Chiasson's face

Mar 13, 2:21 PM

Dallas Stars players, coaches and executives alike were visibly (and understandably) shaken following the scary scenes on Monday night that saw forward Rich Peverley collapse on the bench after suffering a cardiac incident in the opening period of the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

None more so than Stars forward Alex Chiasson, who needed to be taken to hospital after experiencing an anxiety attack in the wake of Peverley's incident.

But following his release from hospital on Wednesday night, Peverley was able to pay a visit to his teammates during Thursday's practice.

Much to the delight of the young winger.

Peverley, who has been ruled out for the remainder of the season, will soon head to Cleveland to undergo surgery in an attempt fix the irregular heartbeat that was the cause of Monday night's scare.

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters/Reuters

Mar 13, 11:05 AM

Peverley released from hospital; will wear monitoring vest before having heart surgery

Mar 13, 11:05 AM

Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley has taken a big step forward in his recovery process, just days after a terrifying cardiac incident saw him collapse on the team's bench during a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Per Mark Stepneski of the Stars' official website:

Peverley, who lost consciousness and had to be revived by medical staff on Monday night following the incident, had been under the care of doctors at Southwestern St. Paul Hospital. 

According to Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News, the 31-year-old will wear a monitoring vest at home until he can undergo surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to remedy his heart condition.

The condition, atrial fibrillation, is a form of cardiac arrhythmia - known more commonly as an irregular heartbeat. Doctors hope the procedure will regulate his heart rate, and anticipate that recovery will take at least a few months.

No date has been announced as of yet for the surgery to take place.

Mar 12, 3:34 PM

Stars announce Peverley will undergo heart procedure, out for season

Mar 12, 3:34 PM

The Dallas Stars held a press conference at Southwestern St. Paul Hospital featuring Rich Peverley, general manager Jim Nill, head coach Lindy Ruff and three of the many doctors who worked on Peverley.

Team doctor Robert Dimeff spoke to the specifics of Peverley's collapse, including the events leading up to the collapse and what has happened in the days following.

First we traded for rich in the offseason and we saw him for a physical... he was in atrial fibrillation. It's a genetic disorder but there's lots of things that can make it worse. We discovered he was in atrial fibrillation, he may have been playing in the Stanley Cup Final with atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Dimeff continued to chronicle to process they went through in September ultimately deciding against surgery, holding off to have it until the offseason.

They maintained the atrial fibrillation by "...shocking the heart into a natural rhythm, and completed the whole season until the last two weeks here, we had the event last Monday where after the first period he felt tired and sluggish, indeed he was in atrial fibrillation during that game. We treated him and gave him medicine."

Dimeff and the other doctors credited the procedure in place when it needed to be put into action. "On Monday early on in the period he collapsed and then we started the emergency action plan. It worked as smoothly as it was supposed to, it was controlled panic as we call it. In real time from the time Rich went out on the bench and we got him out of the box it was 14 seconds."

Dr. Dimeff said when Peverley woke up he said, "How did I get here?" His heart muscle and coronary arteries are normal according to Dr. Dimeff. Peverley will go back to the Cleveland clinic and do the procedure they were saving for the offseason.

"His season is over, he's done," Dr. Dimeff said. "The next process is to do the definitive procedure (surgery) which is normally effective at getting [the heart] back into... rhythm."

Peverley took a brief moment at the beginning of the press conference to thank his family, the organization, and named all of the doctors who helped him over the last few days. 

"I will forever be grateful. I want to thank UT Southwestern Medical Center for their continued care."

An emotional general manager Jim Nill struggled to get through his speech as he thanked everyone, including a woman who came out of the stands to help.

"It turns out its a great day to walk in here and see Rich Peverley walking in here with us, it's been a couple tough days for every body."

He continued, "Back in 2005 the NHL implemented a new standard on the heels of the Jiri Fischer incident, the NHL came up with a standard that if something happened they would know how to jump into action."

Lindy Ruff called out for help when Peverley was down and a woman came down from the stands. "There was a trauma nurse in the stands and she stepped up. I don't know who she is, I know she's a season ticket holder, and I want to thank her for stepping in."

Dr. Dimeff mentioned he couldn't say definitely what Peverley's future in the NHL would hold, but did mention they are taking all the necessary steps to ensure he is healthy. "We really can't say what's going to happen in the next steps."

To close out his account of the events on Monday night, Dr. Dimeff said "Everyone in this room has to learn how to use an AED, it's very simple and it's... idiot proof."

Mar 11, 4:28 PM

Stars relieved that Peverley is stable, focusing on Tuesday's game vs. Blues

Mar 11, 4:28 PM

Hours after watching teammate Rich Peverley collapse on the bench due to a cardiac incident, the Dallas Stars are set to hit the ice Tuesday for a game against the St. Louis Blues. 

According to captain Jamie Benn, the knowledge that Peverley is recovering and doing well in hospital is a comfort to the rest of the guys on the squad.

“It’s a big relief,” Benn told Mike Heika of the Star Tribune. “We were pretty scared there. Once we found out that he was good and stable, it was a very big relief. He’s in good hands. It’s something you never want to see. Obviously, Rich is a big part of this team. We’re obviously a family in here, and we never want to see someone go down like that.”

Veteran forward Vernon Fiddler added he expects Peverley to be rooting his teammates on when they face the Blues. “It’s an emotional roller coaster, but we know Pevs would want to be out here and he’s not going to want us to sit back and watch,’’ he said. “He’s going to want to go after them, and that’s the approach we’re taking.’’

The team, however, will be playing without 23-year old forward Alex Chiasson, who suffered an anxiety attack in light of Peverley's collapse and was also sent to hospital. “(Chiasson) was shaken by the whole event; emotionally shaken,” Ruff said. “He wasn’t doing very well, so we thought best to get him under some care. He’s going to be fine, but Alex was really stressed by it.”

Fiddler added "as a team, we’ll work through it," and they'll begin the process of resuming game action Tuesday in St. Louis.

Mar 11, 2:14 PM

Report: Stars and Blue Jackets makeup game will start 1-0, still play full 60 minutes

Mar 11, 2:14 PM

After Monday night's incident with Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley, the league will announce the makeup date between the Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday.

While the game was in its infancy - it was less than midway through the first period before it was canceled - the Blue Jackets had already scored the first goal. 

The makeup game will begin with the Blue Jackets leading 1-0, but the two teams will still play the full 60 minutes, according to Craig Custance of ESPN.

Mar 11, 12:42 PM

Stars make adjustments ahead of Tuesday's game after Peverley incident

Mar 11, 12:42 PM

The scariest moment of the season came and went last night as Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench.

The Stars organization is making sure their player has everything he needs including the top doctors in the country looking out for him. He remains in hospital while the cause of the collapse remains to be determined.

General manager Jim Nill left the GM meetings in Boca Raton, Fla., to be with Peverley in the hospital.

Like Trevor Daley, who was seen sobbing on the bench during the incident, many players are having trouble with witnessing such a tragic event.

Forward Alex Chiasson is not going to make the trip to St. Louis for Tuesday's game after he was hospitalized after the incident and later released. The Stars are giving him the night off due to how shaken up he was.

As for the fans in attendance, the Stars are working with the NHL to figure out how to compensate for the cancelled game. There is no official solution yet.

Nill also released a statement Tuesday afternoon:

Rich Peverley is resting comfortably and being monitored at UT Southwestern St. Paul. He is currently undergoing testing to discover what triggered the cardiac event last night.

The focus of all the testing and monitoring is being dedicated to finding the cause of the event and a long-term solution to rectify the problem.

We do not have any more specifics at the moment.

Rich has been communicating with his teammates and friends. He is extremely grateful for all of the prayers and support that he’s received from fans and friends alike.

Mar 11, 9:30 AM

Stars coach Lindy Ruff on Peverley collapse: 'When he dropped, it was red alert'

Mar 11, 9:30 AM

The Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets were witness to a scary scene Monday night as Stars forward Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench.

The cause of Peverley's incident is unknown, but the scene was reminiscent of Jiri Fischer's career-ending collapse in November 2005. Fischer went into cardiac arrest and needed CPR and a defibrillator to revive him.

Monday night, Stars head coach Lindy Ruff and those in attendance watched in fear when Peverley collapsed.

"I was scared. My first emotion was we need somebody here real quick. When he dropped, it was red alert, don’t worry about the game, don’t worry about anything else, just turn around and scream for a doctor and that’s all," he said.

The crowd was just as concerned for Peverley's well-being. The players reacted, wanting to help Peverley, but could not do anything but try and get him up so the doctors could assess him. 

"It was just let’s get him the help he needs and they came and got him the help. For me, it was something I don’t want to witness again," Ruff told Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News.

Dr. Gil Salazar of UT Southwestern Medical Center described the procedure they went through to get Peverley's heart rate back up.

We provide oxygen for him. We started an IV. We did chest compressions on him and defibrillated him, provided some electricity to bring a rhythm back to his heart, and that was successful with one attempt, which is very reassuring.

Head team physician Dr. Bill Robertson told Heika the Stars are watching the situation very closely and are consulting with doctors around the country to make sure Peverley gets the best care.

Ruff was concerned for Peverley the person before his team, and rightly so. 

"The first thing I thought of was Rich, his family and his kids and what a good person he is and just prayed for everything to be OK," he said.

In terms of the rest of the Stars players, Ruff says, "They’re not doing very good, and I wouldn't expect them to be."

According to Heika, Trevor Daley was unable to hold his emotions back, "Stars defenseman Trevor Daley appeared to be sobbing on the bench after watching Peverley collapse..."

Peverley's recovery time is unknown, but doctors are working around the clock to pinpoint the issue.  

"Once there’s a cardiac event like this, it becomes a matter of trying to find a cause and addressing it," Salazar said. "What this does to the future, it’s hard to say."

The Stars are going to play in St. Louis Tuesday night.

Mar 10, 11:51 PM

NHL postpones game between Stars and Blue Jackets after F Rich Peverley collapses on bench

Mar 10, 11:51 PM

The NHL postponed Monday night's game between the Blue Jackets and the Dallas Stars after Stars forward Rich Peverley had a cardiac event, lost consciousness and had to be revived by medical staff. Peverley was ultimately taken to hospital where he's reportedly in stable condition.

Dr. Gil Salazar treated Peverley on the scene, and described what occurred to Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News. "He was brought back to the hallway for treatment, where we treated him for a cardiac event, successfully treated with standard therapy," Dr. Salazar said.

Salazar detailed the specific treatment Peverley received: "We provided oxygen for him. We started an IV. We did chest compressions on him and defibrillated him, provided some electricity to bring a rhythm back to his heart, and that was successful with one attempt, which is very reassuring."

Dr. William Robertson - who is the chief of sports medicine at UT Southwestern (the hospital Peverley was taken to) - credited the crew on hand for their quick response to the medical emergency:

We have a specialized team that’s implemented that trains pre-season with the training staff who did a fantastic job today, and that team is made up of internal medicine doctors, orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, trauma doctors, airway specialists, they’re all here to respond to incidents like this along with the Dallas Fire and Rescue paramedic staff.

We train for episodes like this with the hopes that they never arise, but our ability to act today quickly for Rich is a testament to the training staff and the team approach to how we prepare for these events.

Stars coach Lindy Ruff echoed Robertson's praise for the medical staff on the scene. "As soon as [Peverley] came off the ice, he collapsed," Ruff said. "I instantly stood on the bench and started screaming up in the crowd for a doctor... I was just screaming to let the doctors know we needed somebody ASAP and they were there ASAP."

Scroll down for all the details in the storyline below.

Mar 10, 9:54 PM

Stars F Rich Peverley lost consciousness due to a cardiac event

Mar 10, 9:54 PM

The NHL postponed Monday night's game between the Blue Jackets and the Dallas Stars after Stars forward Rich Peverley had a cardiac event, according to Dr. Gil Salazar who treated Peverley on the scene.

Apparently Peverley wanted to get back into the game upon regaining consciousness:

He also wanted to know how much time was left in the period...

Peverley will be tested extensively over the coming weeks, and is in stable condition.

The NHL ultimately chose to postpone the game. A decision on a rescheduling will be made at a later date. 

Feature photo courtesy of Getty/Glenn James

Mar 10, 9:27 PM

Columbus Executive John Davidson: Game between Stars, Blue Jackets postponed

Mar 10, 9:27 PM

The NHL has postponed Monday night's game between the Blue Jackets and the Dallas Stars after a medical emergency caused Stars forward Rich Peverley to collapse on the bench.

Peverley has been taken to hospital and is conscious following the episode.

From Columbus Blue Jackets President of Hockey Operations John Davidson, who announced the cancellation of the game on the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast:

They're going to cancel the rest of tonight's game. The league has been in concert with both teams, and there are a lot of people very shaken by what happened to Peverley at the bench. The good news is he's okay. The medical people did an awesome job, the medical staff from both teams, just did the job. That's the good thing. 

The players, especially the Dallas players, are very shaken as to what happened. They discussed it with their players, and the decision was made that they're shaken, and they'd like to reschedule. And we certainly understand that...

The game will reportedly be played at a later date.

Mar 10, 9:17 PM

Stars F Rich Peverley taken to hospital after collapsing on bench during game

Mar 10, 9:17 PM

Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley has been taken to hospital after collapsing on the Dallas bench during the first period of Monday night's game between the Stars and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

From the Stars:

On the Fox Sports Ohio broadcast, they reported that "As Lindy Ruff was coming off the ice and talking to Todd Richards he said [Peverley] was going to be okay, he's talking, he's up, and he's going to be okay."

Hopefully that report is accurate.

The game remains delayed for the moment.

Mar 10, 9:03 PM

Blue Jackets-Stars game under delay after Stars F Rich Peverley collapses on bench

Mar 10, 9:03 PM

During the first period of a Monday night game between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Dallas Stars, Stars forward Rich Peverley collapsed on the Stars bench and was rushed off of the ice by trainers. The game was halted for several minutes, and the arena was dead silent.

Eventually both teams exited by way of the visitors entrance, with the game delayed at 13:37 of the first period.

Peverley underwent a procedure to fix an irregular heartbeat in September. That procedure caused him to miss much of the preseason. Peverley's issues resurfaced last week and caused him to miss a game.

UPDATE: Good news from Stars head coach Lindy Ruff, who told reporters that Peverley is going to be okay.

Here's video from the harrowing scene on the Dallas Stars bench:

Feature photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports/Jerome Miron