The Mudsummer Classic: Blaney fastest in final Truck practice

July 23, 2:53 PM
129Ryan BlaneyCooper Standard
235Mason MingusCall 811
3*2Austin DillonAmerican Ethanol
430Ron Hornaday JrExide
5*3Ty DillonBass Pro Shop / Tracker Boats
6*80Jody KnowlesClayton Signs
7*63Jr HeffnerA. Collarusso
89Chase PistoneNTS Motorsports
932Kyle LarsonGlad
10*52Ken SchraderFederated Auto Parts
11*05John Wes TownleyZaxby's
1217Timothy PetersRed Horse Racing
1354Darrell Wallace JrToyotaCare
1419Tyler ReddickBroken Bow Records
15*82Cody EricksonPerformance Auto
1688Matt CraftonIdeal Door-Menards
17*14Michael AnnettTMC Transports
18*02Tyler YoungRandco/Young's Building Systems
198John Hunter NemechekMD Anderson Cancer Center
2020Gray GauldingGemini Southern
2177German Quiroga JrNET10 Wireless
2213Jeb BurtonEstes-Carolina Nut Company
2321Joey CoulterAllegiant
24*6Norm BenningWatt's Truck Center
25*07Jared LandersCPS/Dyna-Gro
2698Johnny SauterSmokey Mountain-Curb Records
2850T.J. BellAmerican Linemen
2951Erik JonesToyotaCare
3099Bryan SilasSany
318Korbin ForristerAzzkikr
32*0Joe CobbKoma Unwind Relaxation Drink
33*10Jennifer Jo CobbKoma Unwind Relaxation Drink
34*03Michael AffaranoWon-N-Done Chevy

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July 24, 8:02 AM

Darrell Wallace Jr. wins the Mudsummer Classic

July 24, 8:02 AM

ROSSBURG, Ohio (AP) Darrell Wallace Jr. won the Mudsummer Classic on Wednesday night on the dirt at Eldora Speedway for his second Camping World Truck Series victory of the year.

Wallace took the lead from Kyle Larson on the final restart on the half-mile oval and held on for his third career series victory. The Kyle Busch Motorsports driver also won this year at Gateway.

Larson repeatedly hit the outside wall after giving up the lead, finally damaging his truck so much that he slowed to a crawl while running second with two laps left.

Ron Hornaday took advantage of Larson's problems to finish second.

Here's your UNOFFICIAL finishing order:

154Darrell Wallace, Jr.48
230Ron Hornaday, Jr.43
329Ryan Blaney41
452Ken Schrader40
53Ty Dillon0
68John Hunter Nemechek38
713Jeb Burton38
898Johnny Sauter36
988Matt Crafton35
102Austin Dillon0
1119Tyler Reddick33
1277German Quiroga32
1331Ben Kennedy31
1421Joey Coulter30
152Tyler Young29
1617Timothy Peters28
179Chase Pistone27
1863J.R. Heffner26
195John Wes Townley25
2020Gray Gaulding24
2150T.J. Bell23
2235Mason Mingus22
2399Bryan Silas21
248Korbin Forrister20
2514Michael Annett0
2632Kyle Larson0
276Norm Benning17
2880Jody Knowles16
2951Erik Jones16
303Mike Affarano0

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July 23, 11:28 AM

The Mudsummer Classic: Erik Jones fastest in first practice

July 23, 11:28 AM
151Erik Jones90.74919.835
235Mason Mingus #90.65319.856
388Matt Crafton90.22119.951
419Tyler Reddick #90.14919.967
532Kyle Larson(i)90.00919.998
677German Quiroga89.63320.082
754Darrell Wallace Jr.89.59220.091
817Timothy Peters89.48520.115
99Chase Pistone #89.32120.152
1098Johnny Sauter89.30320.156
113* Ty Dillon(i)89.29520.158
1280* Jody Knowles89.17520.185
1330Ron Hornaday Jr.89.01220.222
1413Jeb Burton88.99920.225
152* Tyler Young #88.99420.226
1631Ben Kennedy #88.95920.234
1721Joey Coulter88.80620.269
1882* Cody Erickson88.60920.314
197* Jared Landers88.59620.317
208John H. Nemechek88.24020.399
2120Gray Gaulding #88.16620.416
2252* Ken Schrader88.16220.417
2350TJ Bell87.92120.473
2414* Michael Annett(i)87.85620.488
252* Austin Dillon(i)87.79620.502
266* Norm Benning87.38320.599
278Korbin Forrister87.37020.602
2829Ryan Blaney87.25620.629
295* John Wes Townley86.97820.695
3063* JR Heffner86.92320.708
3199Bryan Silas84.82621.220
3210* Jennifer Jo Cobb77.06823.356

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July 22, 10:44 AM

The Mudsummer Classic: Entry list, TV schedule & track info

July 22, 10:44 AM

NASCAR’s Truck Series returns to Eldora Speedway for the 2nd annual mid-week Mudsummer Classic. 32 cars are on the preliminary entry list. In terms of Cup drivers, Kyle Larson, Michael Annett and Austin Dillon will all be participating in the unique race.

Tony Stewart will also be on hand, but won’t be racing – he owns the track and will be overseeing the event.

Wednesday’s race will be different from normal. There’ll be qualifying, then 5 qualifying races, and then finally a “Last Chance” qualifying race.

The actual race takes place at around 9:15pm ET on Wednesday evening. Here’s everything you need to know about the Mudsummer Classic


Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014:

  • 10:00 – 11:00am: Truck Series practice (FOX Sports 1)
  • 11:30am – 1:00pm: Truck Series final practice (FOX Sports 1)
  • 5:10pm: Truck Series qualifying (FOX Sports 1)
  • 7:00pm: Truck Series first qualifying race (10 laps) (FOX Sports 1)
  • 7:10pm: Truck Series second qualifying race (10 laps) (FOX Sports 1)
  • 7:20pm: Truck Series third qualifying race (10 laps) (FOX Sports 1)
  • 7:30pm: Truck Series fourth qualifying race (10 laps) (FOX Sports 1)
  • 7:40pm: Truck Series fifth qualifying race (10 laps) (FOX Sports 1)
  • 8:15pm: Truck Series Last Chance Qualifier Race (15 laps) (FOX Sports 1)
  • 9:00pm: 1-800-CarCash Mudsummer Classic (Green flag at approximately 9:16pm) (FOX Sports 1)


  • Track name: Eldora Speedway
  • Track location: New Weston, Ohio
  • Track Layout: 0.5-mile oval
  • Track Surface: Clay
  • Banking: 24 degrees in the corners, 8 degrees on the straights
  • Track Opened: 1954


10Ken SchraderFederated Auto Parts
22Tyler YoungRandco / Young's Building Systems
32Austin DillonAmerican Ethanol
43Ty DillonTBD
53Michael AffaranoWon-N-Done Chevy
65John Wes TownleyZaxby's
76Norm BenningTBA
88John Hunter NemechekTBD
98Korbin ForristerTBA
109Chase PistoneNTS Motorsports
1110Jennifer Jo CobbKoma Unwind Relaxation Drink
1213Jeb BurtonEstes-Carolina Nut Company
1314Michael AnnettTMC Transports
1417Timothy PetersRed Horse Racing
1519Tyler ReddickBroken Bow Records
1620Gray GauldingGemini Southern
1721Joey CoulterTBA
1829Ryan BlaneyCooper Standard
1930Ron Hornaday JrExide
2132Kyle LarsonGlad
2235Mason MingusCall 811
2350T.J. BellAmerican Linemen
2451Erik JonesToyotaCare
2554Darrell Wallace JrToyotaCare
2663Jr HeffnerTBA
2777German Quiroga JrNET10 Wireless
2880Jody KnowlesClayton Signs
2982Cody EricksonPerformance Auto
3088Matt CraftonIdeal Door-Menards
3198Johnny SauterSmokey Mountain-Curb Records
3299Bryan SilasTBA

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