Mayweather posits Moscow in June for McGregor bout

Joe Camporeale / USA TODAY

Conor McGregor says fall, Floyd Mayweather says summer.

The Irishman recently revealed he'd targeted September for a long-discussed superfight with the legendary boxer, but Mayweather dropped a conflicting tidbit of his own during a trip to Moscow this past weekend. The 40-year-old is not only eyeing the month of June for the blockbuster dance, he also wouldn't mind throwing down in the Russian capital.

"At the moment we have not signed any papers," Mayweather said, according to Bloody Elbow's Karim Zidan. "But I hope that the match will take place in June. I want to give people the spectacle: the MMA world vs. boxing world. This fight can be organized in Moscow. I would choose Moscow, if I were asked today."

Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena has reportedly booked June 10 for the boxing match, which only further muddies the proverbial waters, as both parties clearly can't get on the same page.