Ex-Cav: LeBron not to blame for Warriors tombstone cookies
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The Golden State Warriors were none too pleased with LeBron James for trolling them at his Halloween bash last year, but he may not be the person to blame.

One of the Cleveland Cavaliers icon's former teammates insisted the catering company is responsible for the Dubs-themed tombstone cookies and decorations referring to the 3-1 lead they blew in the 2016 NBA Finals.

"I was at the Halloween party," free agent Dahntay Jones said Friday on "The Russillo Show" on ESPN. "Usually, (LeBron's) trolls are funny, but that was not from him, that was from the catering company.

"That's why he doesn't speak of it because the catering company put that together. If you think that LeBron James throws a party and does everything from the cookies to the decorations, then you're kind of insane, that he has a season to prepare for and he's doing party planning as well. But that was the company that they hired. It just happened to be funny at that point in time."

Here are some of the treats and ornaments in question:

Draymond Green channeled the insults into motivation to beat the Cavaliers in their Finals three-match in June. Golden State sent James and Co. packing in five games to claim its second title in three years in a series Green described as "personal" because of the Halloween slight.

Ex-Cav: LeBron not to blame for Warriors tombstone cookies
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