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Clippers undergo full logo and jersey rebrand


The Los Angeles Clippers unveiled a brand-new set of jerseys along with a refreshed logo on Monday.


The logo pays homage to the team's origins in San Diego, where the name "Clippers" was derived from the clipper ships in the San Diego Harbor. The design blends a boat with a compass inside the letter "C," with the seams of a basketball outlined at the bottom of the ship.

"We listened to as many voices as we could and then engaged specialists to arrive at a timeless design that blends bedrocks of our past and our future," said Clippers president of business operations Gillian Zucker. "Our new marks are meaningful and strong, capturing our roots and our aspirations."


The team's font also got a makeover, and markups bearing the full "Clippers" name, along with "Clips" and "LA" were released. The organization hopes the unique design of the A sitting on top of the L will provide a memorable logo and mimic the success of the Los Angeles Dodgers' "LA" design.

"It will make for a phenomenal hat," Zucker said. "In 20 years, people will look back and this will be iconic for the Clippers."

The rebrand comes ahead of the official opening of Intuit Dome, the club's new stadium starting next season. The Clippers previously shared Arena with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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