Dart 🎯 @TonyFinauGolf gets to -3 on the day and 1 back.
Finau nearly holes it 👀


Summer's over, but Goldy is still giving us a snow cone!
Goldschmidt dives over tarp for incredible catch to end game 😱
We'd run through a wall for John Schneider 🍾 #NextLevel
Jays' Schneider: 'You guys are f------ incredible. Enjoy the shit out of' clinching playoff spot 🍾
701 to the third deck!!!
Pujols hits No. 701: Cards legend belts HR to add to historic career total 🙌
💥 117.5 MPH 💥 Blink and you'll miss it 😳 #PLAKATA
Vladdy annihilates 447-foot HR with 117.5-mph exit velocity 🚀