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Saint-Etienne charged over Old Trafford flares
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Saint-Etienne's Galtier: Ibrahimovic was 'refereed as a star'
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Watch: Dzeko completes 2nd-half hat trick in Roma's invasion of Villarreal
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Watch: Roma's Emerson uses right foot to unleash brilliant shot at Villarreal
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Watch: Zlatan bags 1st United hat-trick in win over Saint-Etienne
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Pogbowl: Family remains impartial as Paul, Florentin meet in Europa League
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Spurs sputter in surprising defeat to Gent
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Watch: Bernardeschi belts brilliant free-kick into top corner
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Watch: Crafty Tousart finish gives Lyon Europa lead
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Claesson gives Krasnodar narrow 1st-leg advantage over Fenerbahce
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Watch: Upbeat Saint-Etienne supporters arrive in Manchester
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Pochettino to grant players chance at making amends in Europa League
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Turkey announces bid for Euro 2024
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Pogba's brother shaves both their numbers in hair to mark meeting
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Vertonghen could return to Tottenham's XI this weekend
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Tudor named Galatasaray manager
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Mourinho deals Shaw fresh Europa League snub
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Rooney, Carrick, Jones miss United training
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Galatasaray sacks manager Jan Olde Riekerink
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Martial relishing renewed Saint-Etienne rivalry