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5 things we learned in the Bundesliga this weekend
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Kalou saves Hertha with 2nd penalty attempt
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Dortmund throws away 2-goal lead in Frankfurt draw
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Bayern downs Celtic on Heynckes' Champions League return
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4 European heavyweights in danger of missing the knockout stage
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Hummels: Bayern not among Europe's best right now
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Leipzig claims landmark Champions League success
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Boateng mulled quitting Bayern Munich under Ancelotti
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RB Leipzig CEO didn't expect teams to trigger Keita's buyout clause
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Footy Power Rankings: Dominant Manchester City takes over top spot
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Bayern celebrates Heynckes' return in Freiburg blowout
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Look: Hertha Berlin players kneel in solidarity with NFL protests
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Watchability rankings: 5 enormous matches in Europe this weekend
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Dortmund ultras plan Red Bull protest
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Newcastle signs loan star Merino from Dortmund on permanent basis
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Leipzig director: Club nearly signed 16-year-old Mbappe
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Klopp turned down Manchester United in 2013, says Ferguson's friend
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Muller: Bayern Munich has 'no more excuses'
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UEFA announces format for new Nations League
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Vidal backtracks on retirement hints with statement of togetherness