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Manchester United target Griezmann drops hint he'll stay at Atletico
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Totti won't quit just yet: 'I'm ready for a new challenge'
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By the numbers: Mourinho, United continue to rack up accolades
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Why we must grudgingly accept Mourinho was right
Cropped 2017 05 24t205529z 138660929 mt1aci14797871 rtrmadp 3 soccer europa final
Zlatan finally gets hands on 1st major European title
Cropped 2017 05 24t205745z 138661065 mt1aci14797879 rtrmadp 3 soccer europa final
Vindication: Manchester United saves season with Europa League title
Cropped 2017 05 23t174502z 138563102 mt1aci14797184 rtrmadp 3 soccer europa finalpreview
Ajax coach: Europa League final has lost its 'glow'
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United chief Woodward: Team 'numb' after Manchester attack
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European sports scene ramps up security after Manchester attack
Cropped 2017 05 11t211159z 137538719 mt1aci14791762 rtrmadp 3 soccer england mun clv
All chips on red: Why Mourinho's Europa League gamble has to pay off
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Ex-Barcelona president arrested in money-laundering investigation
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Manchester clubs offering support after concert attack
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Madrid, Juve highlight top seeds for next season's Champions League
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Arsenal misses out on Champions League for 1st time in 20 years
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Manchester City, Liverpool book Champions League trips on final day
Cropped 2017 04 20t194547z 135719147 mt1aci14781656 rtrmadp 3 soccer europa bes lyo
Report: Lacazette agrees Atletico move; subject to transfer ban appeal
Cropped 2017 05 14t155908z 1036642106 rc17aee93680 rtrmadp 3 soccer netherlands
Feyenoord hero Dirk Kuyt retires on high note
Cropped 2016 05 28t225240z 1 mt1aci14413849 rtrmadp 3 soccer italy
UEFA moves trophy presentations from stands to the pitch
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15 years ago today: Leverkusen defies odds to meet Real in Champions League final
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Lallana: Win over West Ham proves Liverpool's Champions League quality