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theScore now features Live Activities & Events!

Julian Catalfo / theScore

Your favorite sports app keeps getting BETTER.

We're thrilled to announce that theScore now features Live Activities, which means you now have the ability to pin a box score to your lock screen! Follow your favorite team without needing to unlock your device!

Live Activities make it easier to follow what's happening in real time. Even better, we've made this feature available on iOS and Android. Android users will see the new feature branded as "Live Events," but it works the same way.

We're rolling out our new toy on MLB, NBA, and NHL. Additional leagues will get the feature in the future, including the NFL for the upcoming season!

There's more: We've designed each league's Live Activity to include unique sport-specific information:

  • MLB: Bases view, balls/strikes, outs
  • NBA: Game score, clock
  • NHL: Power-play status, shootouts
  • NFL: Down and distance, timeouts, possession

iOS users can subscribe to a maximum of five live events, while Android users have no cap but a maximum of eight live events will appear on a user's lock screen.

How to enable a Live Activity

Head to the box score you're looking to track and tap on "Live Activity":

Once enabled, the "Live Activity" button will light up yellow, and you'll see a message that you're now following live - it's truly as simple as that!

Here's what your lock screen will look like:

The live score will remain on your lock screen, even while you check out the latest push notifications from theScore!

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