Durant trolls Twitter to amuse himself while flying
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Warning: Post contains graphic language.

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant had his Twitter fingers in overdrive Sunday night. From defending himself against salty Oklahoma residents to wondering why the good-natured people of Twitter won't let him live, Durant had an evening that even screenshots can't truly encapsulate.

First, there was his exchange with one user centering around allegations regarding Durant's sexual preferences.

To end this initial lengthy exchange, Durant came back with the classic childhood response as to whether or not his Twitter opponent has any real-life friends. Petty, Kevin.

Moving onto his next combatant, KD defended himself against those who called his move to Golden State the "easy way out," referencing Rick Ross' "Stay Schemin'" track to do so.

For Twitter users who were confused as to why Durant would bother to ignite a Twitter war in the first place, Durant also had an explanation, as well.

Other highlights including Durant saying it's "impossible" to name his favorite Jay-Z song and calling out those criticizing KD for saying no one can guard him in 1-on-1 situations.

All in all, Durant's savagery lasted roughly three hours and would force you to delve deep into KD's Twitter replies to fully comprehend the lengths he went to. A daunting task, yes. But well worth it.

Durant trolls Twitter to amuse himself while flying
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