Brady and Manning. Clutch. As always.
Legendary QBs prone to coming up clutch 💪
Phil goes over the tree line and drives the green on the par...
Phil sets up Brady eagle with 330-yard 'high, nasty, straight bomb' 💣
Phil and Brady are guilty of having those awkward course hig...
Brady keeps supplying the highlights with eagle putt 🦅
Brady silences Barkley with epic hole-out from fairway! 😮
Tiger Woods with the read. Peyton Manning with putt. What a...
Tiger reads, Peyton putts as team extends lead 🎯
Phil + wedge + mic 😂 #CapitalOnesTheMatch
Phil nearly holes perfect shot after detailed chipping lesson 😮
"This is what I have to listen to every time we play"
Tiger has heard Phil's act before 😂
Peyton was asked who he should have brought as his caddie 😂...
'That's a cheap shot,' Peyton 😂