Draymond says fans 'often' cross the line with comments
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Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green isn't pleased with how fans interact with players, and he voiced his concerns after Friday's practice.

Green believes fans "often" cross the line with their comments, and he isn't sure why.

"I guess it's just the nature of what we do, I guess," Green told reporters, including ESPN's Nick Friedell. "I don't really understand why grown men get off by coming into someone else's job and saying bull----. I guess that's their way of letting out frustration in their life, but it's kind of stupid to me."

The three-time All-Star added that fans' treatment of players is progressively getting worse, and fining players for verbally defending themselves isn't going to solve the problem.

"So if I'm like someone who's probably not as happy with my life and I've got an opportunity, where I'm going to someone else's place of employment and I know if I say something crazy to them and they say something back they lose money, misery loves company," Green said.

"So I think our penalties are raised and blasted to the world, people will keep doing that. Because at the end of the day, what do they really lose?"

Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook was recently fined $25,000 for engaging in a verbal altercation with a fan during Monday's game against the Utah Jazz. The Jazz have permanently banned the fan who taunted Westbrook.

Draymond says fans 'often' cross the line with comments
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