Watch: Shaq says he'll superglue on wig if Mr. '2.2 a game' LaVar beats him

Shaquille O'Neal/Instagram

Shaquille O'Neal just upped the ante.

The Hall of Famer responded to LaVar Ball late Sunday in a way only Shaq can. O'Neal posted an Instagram video in which he dons a blond wig and lip syncs to Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away."

In the caption, The Big Aristotle said he'll permanently stick the wig to his noggin if he loses to "Mr 2.2 (points) a game," and compared his brand and career to those of the Ball patriarch.

This comes following a war of words that started when O'Neal criticized the Balls for charging $495 a pop for Lonzo's signature shoe.

More recently, Shaq's son Shareef declared he's better than LaMelo - the youngest of the Ball brothers - and the legendary big man agreed.

When LaVar caught wind of those comments, he told Overtime:

"Stop it. Hey, me and Melo against him and Shaq. We'll kill 'em. We'll kill 'em."

Get 'er done. Or at the very least, make sure cameras are rolling when these families collide at Los Angeles Lakers functions.